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As you can imagine, we read a lot of money and debt articles from all over the web. We also know some fantastic money bloggers who surprise and delight us every month with their thrifty tricks and money mastery.

However we don’t want to keep them to ourselves! So here’s the first in our series of monthly roundups of our favourite money-saving articles from across the web.

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1. Confessions of a reformed mindless spender (via The Heavy Purse)

Tanya used to have what we call ‘leaky wallet syndrome’, where money just dripped from her coffers like a faulty tap. Many people are afflicted with this phenomenon but don’t despair! Like with all money woes, there is always a cure. Read all about Tanya’s journey from shopaholic to saveaholic over at The Heavy Purse, and find out how you can plug up your own leaky wallet!

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2. Hunger hurts still a year on (A Girl Called Jack)

This time last year, a Girl Called Jack typed out ‘hunger hurts’ on her battered old Nokia. Since then that phrase has been reblogged and repeated in international news reports over and over again. Read all about how she’s doing on her journey of frugal living 12 months later.

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3. Six daily habits of the wealthy (Budgets are Sexy)

There’s no magic spell for making money and staying out of debt. Like any goal in life it takes focus, careful planning and a belief that you deserve financial happiness. This month the good folk over at Budgets are Sexy explored 6 ways to get wealthy and stay wealthy.

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4. What does thrifty mean to you? (A Thrifty Mrs)

We certainly agree with A Thrifty Mrs when she explains her definition of thrifty: “living a thrifty lifestyle isn’t about going without, it isn’t about buying any old (rubbish) because it is cheap, it is about making wise decisions for (your) budget”. For you, thriftiness might mean something else entirely – now that’s food for thought!

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5. How much does getting a dog really cost? (SavvyScot)

There’s a lot of expenses to consider before you commit to inviting Fido into the fold. If you’re looking into getting a dog, SavvyScot has some great suggestions for keeping your pet expenses to heel.

You can also find SavvyScot on Twitter.

6. Seven deadly sins of money (Blackbullion)

You may remember when we wrote a review of a book called Money Smarter, a helpful guide that our frugal friend Vivi Friedgut put together that’s all about teaching your kids how to manage their money. In July she put together a fantastic set of slides all about the 7 deadly sins that can keep you in penniless purgatory!

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7. Twelve fairly simple ways to stop wasting money (Thought Catalog)

We’re big fans of Thought Catalog, so we were bowled over to see this great list of ideas to stop your budget from derailing. Many of the tips are common sense ideas: search out cash machines that don’t charge, or bring your own shopping bags rather than pay the cashier for cheap plastic ones.

You can also find Thought Catalog on Twitter.

8. Super cheap hobbies for people on a budget (Monster Piggy Bank)

With this great list from Monster Piggy Bank there’s NO excuse to be bored this summer. From fishing and hiking to flying a kite or flinging a frisbee, there’s lots of great things you can do to while away the time.

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9. Seven quick ways to make quick cash (Diary of a Frugal Family)

As well as saving money, we love any articles that talk about how to make even more money than you’re currently getting. Check out this great article on boosting your income from Diary of a Frugal Family.

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10. Twenty teeny weeny tips to save money (Discountcoder)

We never tire of the great money-saving tips from Discountcoder, so we were tickled pink to read this great list they released in July. Tip 11 about the many uses of baking soda was our favourite – did you know it works as a deodoriser for cat litter and stinky shoes? Result!

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