The #debthour debt clinic – Tuesday 27th August

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Fire over your debt questions to us!

Fire over your debt questions to us!

We’ve come to our final debt clinic this month where we answer your burning debt and money questions live, right here on the blog. 

Today our friendly debt geeks are on hand to answer your debt questions.

We aim to reply to every question straightaway. No debt question is too outlandish for us, so this is the perfect opportunity to clear up any worries you may have.

Recent questions we’ve answered include…

I owe money on payday loans and I’m scared if I tell them I’m struggling they’ll clean my bank account out!

My husband took a secured loan out on our property for someone else and now they’ve defaulted, what can I do?

I need a free Debt Management Plan, how do I go about getting one? 

My sister ordered out of my catalogues behind my back and now they’re chasing me for the money!

My phone never stops ringing for creditors hounding me for money. Can you make them stop?

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  • Terry

    This morning I had the rudest man on the phone saying he was a bailiff and he’s after a payday loan I defaulted on two months ago. I’ve tried and tried to make a payment to these people but because it’s not the whole whack in one go theyre not interested. My hours were reduced a year ago and all my bills have gone up how do they think I can just magic this money out of thin air I told him, but he ranted and raved that he was gonna clean my house out if I didn’t pay up by end of this week please advise thanks

    • moneyaware

      Hi there Terry

      Thanks for posting your question to #debthour

      As unpleasant as this has been for you, I want to reassure you that this person isn’t very likely to be a bailiff in the literal sense. He may actually work for the payday loan company in question. Bailiffs only get involved when a debt has gone to court and you don’t arrange a reasonable payment scheme on the debt or ignore them altogether. You would get correspondence letting you know if the debt has progressed this far.

      If you’re struggling and looking for options on your debt, our anonymous advice tool Debt Remedy can help:

      We also have an article on the blog that talks all about payday loans and how to deal with them if you can’t afford the payment:

      Hope this helps.

      Best regards


  • Jen

    Hello please help I am about £9300 in debt all my debts are happy with my reduced payments for now except one and they are being really horrible calling me ten times a day sometimes it’s making me ill what can I do?

    • Hi Jen,

      It’s great you’ve managed to get your debts under control and are paying what you can afford to each. Just because one of the creditors are being difficult to deal with doesn’t mean they are entitled to more money than you can manage. You are doing exactly the right thing by treating all your creditors the same.

      Calling you 10 times a day could be considered to be harassment. Write to them asking them to only contact you by letter – send this recorded delivery so you have proof they received it. Include a copy of your budget to prove to them you are offering all you can at this time. If they continue to call you several times a day you can complain to The Financial Ombudsman.

      I hope this helps.


    • moneyaware

      Hi there Jen

      Glad to see you posting on #debthour today.

      When it comes to your unsecured creditors. the key thing is to communicate and support your payment offer with a budget that reflects why you can only offer a reduced payment for now. Your focus should be keeping up to date on priority living expenses, and most creditors understand the importance of this.

      If you haven’t yet looked into free debt advice, you may want to consider it. Your creditors are more likely to accept lower payments for the time being if they know you’ve looked into your options with someone like us. This is because they know we give advice that is impartial, meaning that we don’t take sides and any advice we give is fair and equal to all concerned.

      Our anonymous advice tool Debt Remedy can give guidance on how best to deal with your debts in the long run:

      Hope this helps

      Best regards


  • Jemma Harris

    i’ve been trying to pay my debts off for what feels like an eternity but not really getting anywhere. I’m a single mum 3 kids on benefits and I have to pay out close to £300 a month before Iv even put food on the table to feed my family this cant go on much longer I owe £££££’s in catalogs, storecards, prov loan and I have a budgeting loan from ages ago they are stopping out of my money I am also on meters for my elec and gas and they cost a bomb!!! please help

    • moneyaware

      Hi Jemma

      Thanks for popping over to #debthour with your question.

      It certainly sounds like you would benefit from some free and impartial debt advice. The catalogues, store cards and provident doorstep loan are what we call ‘non-priority debts’ meaning that they always come secondary to living expenses (such as food for your family).

      The gas/elec meters are a little bit different because your gas and electric are priorities and you must stay on top of these. if you’re paying arrears off with the meters, hopefully the costs will drop a little bit once those debts are cleared. The best thing to do in the meantime is try and be as energy-efficient as you can by doing simple things like using draft excluders on doors and making sure you don’t leave any appliances on standby.

      We can have a look at your budget and see realistically what you can afford to pay to your debts at the moment. Once the debt from your meters and budgeting loan are cleared, we can advise on how best to use the extra surplus income to take care of those other debts quicker.

      our anonymous advice tool Debt Remedy can give you a debt solution in just 20 minutes and is free and confidential:

      Hope this helps. please write again if you have any more questions.

      Best regards