Debt Help Direct’s assets frozen: what to do if you’re affected

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Debt Help Direct have gone into liquidation

John Taylor-Groom, Managing Director of Debt Help Direct was reportedly arrested yesterday, with his company subsequently ceasing trade. Debt Help Direct had 3,000 clients who will now be wondering what to do next.

If you’re one of those affected by the Debt Help Direct situation and are worried about what to do next then our advisers are here to help with debt.

The situation with Debt Help Direct

There were reports of phone calls going unanswered at the Debt Help Direct offices following Taylor-Groom’s reported arrest for fraud and possession of drugs.

Police are believed to have sent the company’s 30 employees home.

The Police made the following statement: “A 38-year-old man from Macclesfield was arrested on suspicion of fraud by false representation, theft of clients’ monies and possession of Class A drugs.”

Are you affected?

It’s unclear how many people have been affected or whether customer’s may have lost money as a result of this.

If you’re one of those affected there might be a possibility that you’ve lost some money paid into your DMP (debt management plan). We’ll update this page once we receive more information on this and whether you might be able to claim this back.

What to do next…

Our advisers are aware of the situation with Debt Help Direct and will be able to advise you on what to do next. You can get our help online using our advice tool Debt Remedy or by giving our helpline a call to speak to a debt advisor.

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  • Kim

    I have been using this company Debt Help Direct since June 2011, I had no idea that they had problems until yesterday when one of my creditors sent me a letter about it. They have even had the cheek to take this months payment out of my account already. I’m livid

    • Hi there Kim,

      We’re trying to find out as soon as possible what progress is being made, and we’ll update this page as soon as we do. Very sorry that you’ve found yourself caught up in this difficult situation. Please know that we have Helpline Advisors available on 0800 138 1111 if you’re needing debt advice.

      Best regards


  • Brian Mulliner

    Hi! Kim, sorry for you. Last year started to use DHD Ltd, payed my funds then papers arrived to arrange court date. Found out lines were dead and no one available. Have had contact with other companies using their phone numbers, who were asking for additional funds to assist me. Looks like next step is small claims court. Tried Trading Standards but can’t get passed Citizens Advice staff, quite frustrating. Hope you find an answer to your dilema. Sincerely Brian. (Yorkshire).

  • Louise

    I have lost £1000 that I paid Debt help direct at the end of last year for my bankrupcy, There appears that there is nothing I can do to get it back, It also appears that no one is going to help me get it back. I cant believe that JTG has the cheek to advertise himself on you tube as a tribue singer over the UK and Europe. He obviously can still afford to travel. makes me sick to the stomach.

    • Hi Louise,

      If you’re still struggling with debts I’d recommend our online advice tool, Debt Remedy. We can give you advice about how to proceed with your finances (presuming you’ve not gone bankrupt already).

      If you’d like to know more about what happened after Debt Help Direct closed you might want to contact Cheshire Constabulary ( as they dealt with the closure.

      Kind regards


  • moneyaware

    Hi there Ian,

    I’ve had a quick google around and found this information about Debt Help Direct’s insolvency:

    There’s a contact email address on that page, so you may be able to get more information from there. I’m not sure how likely it is that you’ll be able to get your money back but hopefully you’ll be able to get some more information on what’s been going on.

    I also wanted to point out that we provide free debt management plans (where they’re the best option). Our online advice tool will guide you through the process if a DMP is the right option or give you advice on the other debt soluttions if they’re better for you:

    Kind regards