Our busiest week for debt advice [infographic]

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The results are in...

The results are in…

Today we’ve released another infographic on our busiest week of the year – the seven days from ‘Blue Monday’ to the last Sunday in January.

The third week in January’s been our busiest week for at least the last three years, and despite the concept of Blue Monday being a lot of guff, it’s interesting to see that it’s the still the mark in the sand for people to start sorting out their finances.

Unsurprisingly, after the panic of Christmas and the long winding road to payday that is January, the start of the year is always hectic for us. We’ve noticed a significant increase in people contacting us over catalogue and payday loan debt. This suggests that maybe people had to rely on these forms of credit to get through the festive season.

Since the release of our new advert we’ve seen an increase in how many people are getting in touch for advice. In two years we’ve seen a 21.4% rise in contact across the third week in January, and it’s increasing all the while.

Last week also saw more women than men approaching us for help. The proportion of female callers and Debt Remedy clients increased to 55.1% this year, from 52.2% during the same week in 2011.

Check out our infographic for more info.

At StepChange Debt Charity we want you to be free of debt and save money.

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  • LucyP

    sad to see payday loans have increased but glad more people are getting in contact – ps. love the new advert, best bit is at the end when the man opens the curtains and light shines through, because that’s exactly what it feels like after speaking to you for the first time. As easy as opening the curtains and seeing the light!