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We’re pretty humble people here at StepChange Debt Charity. We don’t like to go on about how good we are but thankfully there are plenty of others who’ve done that for us.

We’ve now got over 200 StepChange Debt Charity reviews on the Review Centre and below is a word cloud of some of the words that crop up most frequently.

StepChange Debt Charity word cloud

Here’s why some of those words crop up so often:


When you’re struggling with problem debt you need to make sure your money is working for you. We understand that, which is why all of our advice is free of charge and always will be.


We’re a charity so our reason for existing is to help those who’re struggling with their money. Our charitable status means that the advice we provide is aimed at helping our clients as much as possible.


We know debt. We understand what if feels like when you’ve got debts and don’t know where to turn. That’s why we’re the UK’s leading debt charity.


People come to us not knowing where to turn. We give free and impartial advice to help people deal with their finances. We’ll help you plan a realistic budget and then support you through your debt journey, whatever solution suits you best.

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Those aren’t in the word cloud but if you’ve been helped by StepChange Debt Charity then we’d love to here from you. It takes less than ten minutes to write a review and will help people know where to get expert debt advice that is completely free of charge.

James Winterbottom has been a debt advisor for six years. Away from work he is an amateur app developer and writes fiction. James is a lifelong supporter of Huddersfield Town football club, which suggests he is either very loyal or very daft. He also likes to talk about himself in the third person in bio pages.

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