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It’s been an incredibly busy year on the MoneyAware blog. In 2012 we added 130 blogposts to the site, had over a quarter of a million visits, and over half a million pages read.

Oh, and we rebranded as StepChange MoneyAware (as you may have noticed!).

But most importantly, over 10% of those visitors go on to our main charity website to get more help with their debt problem.

MoneyAware was set up to talk about debt solutions in detail, along with money management and budgeting, but we still have a vital role to play in getting people the help they need.

See 2011’s 10 most read MoneyAware blogposts

But what were the top blogposts of 2012? What were people searching for this year? Let’s get like Tony Blackburn and reveal the pick of the pops…

10. Personal debt myths debunked (6,713 reads)

At the start of the year we ran three months’ worth of daily debt myths, busting a dozens of untruths we hear from callers and see on the web. These were so successful we’re currently updating them for MoneySavingExpert.com.

9. StepChange Debt Charity: Why we’re making a change (7,444)

To explain to our clients why we’d changed our name to StepChange Debt Charity we produced this blogpost and video.

8. How to deal with a county court judgment (CCJ) (7,643)

Post-Christmas 2011 we saw a glut of people with CCJs contacting us. Our information-packed but easy-to-read article on CCJs was huge in winter and spring.

7. Can I reclaim PPI while on an IVA? (7,749)

One of those in-depth questions that MoneyAware is brilliant at giving down-to-earth advice on: what you need to consider when reclaiming PPI if you’re on an IVA.

6. Christmas money actions: helping you save money (8,170)

Last year’s Xmas tips but unsurprisingly the article’s had more views in the last month than any other MoneyAware article.

5. “Your debts written off!” – Is it too good to be true? (9,671)

An oldie but a goldie (and last year’s number one), we bust the myth that “new government legislation” can get your debts written off for free.

4. Changes to Tax Credits from April 2012 (13,024)

Tax credit and welfare benefits can be very confusing. We broke down the 2012 changes to help our clients understand if and how they could be affected.

3. Reclaim PPI for free (17,746)

Don’t reclaim payment protection insurance without reading this! In this widely-read article, promoted by Martin Lewis, we urged everyone to use tools available on the web to reclaim PPI for free.

2. How to cancel a continuous payment authority on a payday loan (18,020)

This blogpost didn’t get many clicks, until, in October, the OFT ruled on CPAs, bringing the hidden issue to light. The number of views suddenly went sky high.

1. You’re in debt but what can your creditors actually do? (30,355)

Vital advice if you’re being pursued for a debt, listing what creditors can and cannot do. Last year’s fourth most-read blogpost was this year’s number one, driven by the sheer amount of searches for debt help.

(All data from 1 Jan 2012 – 17 Dec 2012)

At StepChange Debt Charity we want you to be free of debt and save money.

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