A debt free Christmas poem

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I'm dreaming of a debt-free Christmas, just like the ones I used to know...

I’m dreaming of a debt-free Christmas, just like the ones I used to know…

Not everyone will be having a holly jolly Christmas this year. Debt doesn’t choose a time to strike, and it certainly doesn’t put itself on hold for the festivities.

We want to share with you this lovely poem by Stephanie and Chris Renton.

It’s a reminder to anyone needing debt advice that we are only a shake of a reindeer’s tail away…

A Debt Free Christmas

Twas the night before Xmas – And all through the house,
Not a creature was stirring – not even a mouse
My stockings were hung  by the wardrobe with care
The bills and missed payments were also found there

The dog was nestled all snug in his bed
While cash and debt problems, they filled me with dread
I read through the debt letters stacked on my lap
And soon I’d drift into a long winter’s nap

When next to my ear there arose such a clatter,
A stack of bills fell on my doormat, no matter.
The alarm it was ringing to tell me it’s time
To pay off my debts, and make my life mine

So I grabbed a quick coffee and online I went
To rid my bad feelings from worrying time spent
I checked websites online, my heart gripped with worry
I wouldn’t be taking more loans out in a hurry

The browsing was slow, the traffic immense
I shouted at websites which made absolutely no sense
The morning was looming, it was very near
The premise of more debt had filled me with fear

I went round in circles, wanting some advice
Finally I found one, oh I hope they are nice
The website said StepChange Debt Charity online
Their advice was so helpful, didn’t cost me a dime

I was offered a plan, to help ease money woes
And a few years from now I’ll be back on my toes
The months did pass and I felt better and better
No longer feeling the strains of horrible debtors

If like me you are nervous, wondering if you’ll be all right
Give StepChange a call, and to all a good night!

Sometimes there’s no rhyme or reason to debt and that’s when you should get in touch with us. Get advice on your debts in just 20 minutes with our online advice tool Debt Remedy.

At StepChange Debt Charity we want you to be free of debt and save money.

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