StepChange Debt Charity: Why we’re making a change

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Today’s our big day, when we officially change our name to StepChange Debt Charity, but why are we doing it?

Change can be unsettling and we didn’t take this decision lightly, but we’re sure that our new brand will quickly become the name people think of when they need help with problem debt.

What are your thoughts on our new name?

Post up your opinion – whether you think the change is good or bad – in the comments below, reply to the Twitter announcement or on our Facebook rebrand post.

One of the reasons we’ve rebranded is to get our name out there to more people it’d be remiss of us not to ask you to share our video on Twitter and Facebook!

Peer's the digital content manager at StepChange Debt Charity. Apart from contributing to the MoneyAware blog and overseeing the charity's website and social media content, he’s walked to the top of every mountain and hill in the Lake District. Twice.

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  • Jim Hopper

    I just hope that people realise that you should be the first place to go if you have a debt problem. Companies charging people to become debt free is disgusting. I hope your name change helps more people in the future. Keep up the great work!

  • Bec

    Shocked…that is what I feel right now. Why? Why change your name and re-brand when everybody who is in debt knows who the CCCS is? If it wasn’t for the CCCS, the life of my family wouldn’t be as it is now and I thank you for your amazing service. However, I now feel that the new name represents those TV advert “debt free in 5 years slogans” I don’t know, perhaps I’ll get used to it but Consumer Credit Counselling Service does as it says. Step Change Debt Charity doesn’t seem to have the same ring to it. I do however commend your services greatly and just hope that by re-branding to a lax name does not rub off on the service. Sorry for my comments, you will always be CCCS to me.

  • Jim Buckley

    What a fantastic organisation you are ; really disappointed that you’ve changed your name ; CCCS was a name that was instantly recognised and accepted by all my creditors , it was up there with the likes of Barclays ; Nat West and the like ; something of an icon , I would say. I know you are still going to provide an excellent service , but is it too late to change it back to CCCS.

  • Mary

    I do not like the new name lacks the professionalism of CCCS = sounds moneymaking like other firms now

  • Gerald

    I dont suppose I have any right to say what you re-name your organisation but just saying the new name gives me panic attacks. You dont have to remind me that I am in Debt and a charity case, I already know. What a horrible name, what was the logic in changing it? just adds to my percieved shame for getting into debt!

  • Heather

    I have commented previously to say that I hate the new name and it puts me in mind of all the other debt companies who charge people for the help you offer for free. Lots of people also seem to feel that the name change is a bad move. I understand from your letter why you wanted to change the name (although dont agree) but was hoping you could answer what a few people have asked already, where did you do your research? Who came up with the name and how did you select customers to use for your research? I already know and greatly appreciate the good work that you do, but I think you’ve done yourself a great disservice with such a poor choice of name.

  • Mark

    The new name in my opinion has too many negative connections – ‘Debt’ and ‘Charity’ together suggest handouts and soup kitchens! – I am surprised that any branding company would suggest a name change for a business that conjures up such images of hardship. Big mistake.

  • Ian

    Poor move. No doubt the name change came through a bunch of bright sparks out of university. You know, the same place where bankers and politicians honed their skills in assisting people into debt!

  • Stephen John Hawkes

    Terrible tacky new name. The CCCS was so professional and had clout. I used to say to creditors with confidence, assurance and almost pride “I’m with the Consumer Credit Counselling Service” knowing it would strike fear into them. That was a brilliant name. I won’t have that same feeling saying “I’m with Step Debt” or whatever it is. Step Change. You must have gone made changing from an excellent professional name to a crappy name. Have you started on the Christmas booze early?

  • Gill

    My husband has received excellent service from CCCS. I hope this will continue. However, I see no merrit in changing your name from CCCS to SCDC!

  • Mark

    I posted a comment on the 7th saying how bad I think the new name is. Given the amount of negative posts, I think you need to give us all a response please – surely consultation happens before, not after an action – were you really interested in our thoughts, or is this message board just a gimmic. Clearly you won’t change the name back to CCCS – or would you?

    • Hi Mark,

      Rest assured that we’ve read your feedback. Thanks to everyone who submitted their thoughts about our new name.

      We’ve been aware for a while that many people thought that our old name wasn’t clear enough about what we actually do to help those in debt. So, as you can imagine, we ran a number of consultations about our name with quite a lot of people in problem debt, including clients.

      Since we changed name we’ve already seen a positive rise in the number of people contacting us for advice, and our new name is only one part of a larger push to become the organisation that people turn to first when looking for debt help.



  • Paula

    I, too, would welcome a response to mine and all the other posts. Are you listening to us or not? Have you even read these posts? Are you bothered by the amount of upset this has caused? Just wondering……

    • Hi Paula,

      Thanks for your feedback and we certainly do take all the comments we receive seriously.

      I’ve responded to your other questions in my answer to Mark’s comment, above.



  • George

    I must agree with many of the previous comments, I can not see the reason for a name change. Consumer Credit Counselling Service is exactly what the company does, Step Change means nothing, I certainly would think of it being a company dealing with debt problems.

  • Ian

    Why change CCCS to SCDC?