Rising energy costs: time to switch?

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Is it time for you to switch?

Is it time for you to switch?

If your gas or electric bill keeps hitting the doormat with a heavier and heavier thud, you may be wondering if you’d be better off with another provider.

Even the most energy-frugal among us don’t appear to be safe from those deadly price hikes. All it takes is a jump of a couple of pounds on these bills to tip a person’s budget over the edge.

You’ve seen the adverts proclaiming how easy it is to switch using these price comparison websites, but it all looks like a bit too much of a hassle.

Luckily, we can help you check if it’s worth your while to switch – and as always, it’s free. We’ve joined forces with UK Power, and hope to bring the costs of household bills down for thousands of people just like you.

Switch and Save

We now offer a confidential, no strings attached utility switch service on our website and as part of a debt advice session with us. All we need is your postcode, your current supplier and a rough idea of how much you’re using, and we’ll do the rest.

Many people are put off by the prospect of having to phone around and talk to a lot of people before being able to switch. There’s none of that messing around with our switcher. Simply fill the form in after you’ve found a supplier you want to sign up with.

A secure switch

Worried about putting your personal details at risk? Don’t be. Just like our online advice tool Debt Remedy, everything you type onto our site is encrypted and completely safe.

There’s no fee for using this service. What would the point be in that? We want you to save money! With that said, please double check your current supplier’s contract as they may charge you a fee for leaving early.

There’ll be no disruption whatsoever to your service. Your energy supply will run as normal while your new supplier gets everything set up.

If you switch today, you have a seven-day cooling off period in case you change your mind. If you decide not to switch, no problem! Just call the supplier and let them know.

Debt on your bill?

You may not be able to switch suppliers if you pay by bill or direct debit and there are arrears on the account. Your current supplier cannot disconnect you for not paying the bill once you leave, but they might refuse to release you until you settle the debt.

If you’re on a card meter you can leave with up to £500 of debt as it will continue to be paid through the machine.

I’m caught in a trap, I can’t walk out…

If you find yourself stuck with your current supplier due to a fixed term contract or outstanding arrears don’t despair. Most companies offer a discount for paying by direct debit. Or if you have gas and electricity from the same supplier, you could get a dual-fuel discount. You can also see if they have a more suitable tariff for you.

It might also be worth trying our online benefits checker and seeing if there’s any further income you can claim.

Always keep in mind that utility companies want you around for the long haul. They’re all in competition with one another and great switching incentives pop up all the time.

Even if you find yourself tied to them now, you will still have the option of leaving later. Remind them of that when you get in touch to talk about a better deal than you’re currently getting.

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