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Today we’re holding a live Twitter event via our MoneyAware channel, where any of our colleagues can post an update.We are also posting pictures of our colleagues over on Facebook, click here to have a look. We’ll keep this blogpost updated with all the latest happenings…






















































Here’s a more in-depth contribution from Jenny, a team leader at CCCSVA, our IVA provider:

I’m Jenny and I’ve worked here for almost 8 years (5 of which within the IVA team). I really enjoy being a Team Leader as it’s such a varied job which can be pressurised at times but that’s what I like about it. In my life outside work I am a wife and Mum and so I am a very busy person all the time but that’s my life! When I’m at work, my tasks consist of the following: allocating work to my team, conducting one to ones with my team members, call monitoring, work on projects, supporting my team members, producing, analysing and acting upon performance stats and lots more. I’ve worked as a team leader in other organisations but this is the organisation  I really wanted to work for and I really think it’s great (I do have some days when it’s not all rosy but these are very few in reality)! I am supported by my peers and my manager so when the job is challenging it’s all okay. Well, it’s Monday morning again and we’re off to a great start.  We got lots of referrals from Debt Remedy over the weekend and from our colleagues in the Charity where it looks like an IVA might be a solution to the client’s debt problems so my team are now hard at work starting off the process for the IVA  queries. I’ve handed the details of clients who have been sent to us from the charity or from Debt Remedy  to my team who will make contact with the clients in the next 48 hours to get an appointment booked in. Meanwhile, some of my other Advisors have just started their 08:15 appointment calls and are busy gathering information and giving advice to clients regarding IVA’s. Shortly, the 08:15 appointments will finish and the clients we have spoken to will have received support and advice regarding the most appropriate solution to their debt problems. Later on today I will be creating my month end performance stats for the team.  These have been looking great all month as my team have worked really hard to keep our phone lines covered so that we answer incoming calls really quickly.  I will be doing some call monitoring later on too.  I monitor at least twice a week to ensure that my team deliver the best quality service they can for our clients. Thanks Jenny

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