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Another year over, a new one just begun…

2011 has seen our first full year of blogging as MoneyAware, and what a year it’s been. We’ve posted an article every two days and gained tens of thousands of visitors, received thousands of comments, tweets and Facebook likes, and a met lot of new friends!

People’s personal finances, debt problems and the wider economy have been a central story in the media throughout 2011 and it’s obvious that we’ve tapped into this by producing articles that affect you as a consumer, or as someone struggling with a debt issue.

As we approach the final few days of 2011 we thought we’d look back over the year and see which articles stood out for you, our readers.

Here’s our top 10 most read articles of 2011, in the obligatory reverse order…

10. Know your rights: November’s debt news – Since starting in June, our monthly Know Your Rights series of blogposts has been invaluable for a huge number of our visitors, especially our clients.

9. Top tips for a frugal Christmas – Our Christmas tips have been a big help this year as people look to cut back on expenses in the midst of a faltering economy.

8. How to prepare for a DMP review – All of our DMP clients go through an annual review to update their income and expenditure. We wrote this article to help understand what details are needed ahead of the chat.

7. Debt’s top 10 towns and cities – Our third debt infographic of year revealed which UK town’s residents had the highest average debt in 2010. The “winner” might surprise you…

6. What happens if I win the lottery while I’m in debt? – It’s a question that’s often asked by clients, much more in hope than expectation. Wishful thinking aside, are there financial issues to consider if you actually did win the big one?

5. I’m debt free – this is how I did it – Originally recorded to tie in with our debt free debtday event in November, our video of a former client recounting how she fell into debt but repaid it all was our feel-good story of the year.

4. You’re in debt but what can your creditors actually do? – Key information to help when the banks are chasing you for their money. This article was so successful it’s now sent to our new DMP clients every month.

3. What to do if creditors keep phoning you – Another article that’s since been adopted to send to new clients, detailing what you can do if the lenders keep ringing you.

2. Know your rights: July’s changes in debt law – The second in our monthly series of debt news articles pulled in a vast number of readers, boosted by being featured in our first client newsletter, sent out in August.

1. “Your debts written off!”: Is it too good to be true? – We’ve all seen the adverts proclaiming that a consolidation loan company can write off debts, but what’s the catch? We explain all in this hugely-successful blogpost, easily our most read article in 2011.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our articles this year and if you have any suggestions for future subjects we need to cover let us know.

Peer's the digital content manager at StepChange Debt Charity. Apart from contributing to the MoneyAware blog and overseeing the charity's website and social media content, he’s walked to the top of every mountain and hill in the Lake District. Twice.

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