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Sue Elliott

Today we’re saying goodbye to Sue Elliott, one of the long-serving staff at StepChange Debt Charity, as she retires from the MoneyAware team.

She started at StepChange as a telephone debt advisor in June 2001, after her own experiences with debt. She originally joined the charity as she wanted to help people going through what she herself had seen.

Slowly but surely Sue moved into giving advice on online forums and via email alongside the phone counselling, and last year she showed how unafraid she was of new technology by becoming one of the first staff to work in the StepChange Social Media team.

She’s been one of the ‘faces of StepChange’ throughout the majority of the charity’s life. Her photo accompanies this 2002 BBC News article (scroll down to her photo) and nine years later, in January this year here she is again on the BBC website, giving advice for a Christmas debts article.

She’s off to travel the world, and spend more time with her grandchildren, and we all wish her bon voyage.

She embodies what we say to our clients, that there is life after debt.

Peer's the digital content manager at StepChange Debt Charity. Apart from contributing to the MoneyAware blog and overseeing the charity's website and social media content, he’s walked to the top of every mountain and hill in the Lake District. Twice.

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