Court forms

Here’s a handy list of court forms from H M Courts & Tribunal Service that you can print out and use. Contact us if you’re unsure which one you need or you’d like some help to fill them out.

Court forms

EX160 – Getting help with court fees online (this form can now be completed online)

N24 – General form of judgment or order

N244 – Application notice

N245 – Application for suspension of a warrant and / or variation of an instalment order

N5 – Claim form for possession of property

N56 – Form for replying to an attachment of earnings application (statement of means)

N9A – Admission (specified amount)

N9B – Defence / counterclaim (specified amount)

EX20 – Paying your judgment – what do I do? Guidance notes

EX303 – A claim has been made against me – What should I do? Guidance notes

EX326 – I cannot pay my judgment – what do I do? Guidance notes

EX50 – Civil and county court fees – high court and county court

N1 – Claim form

N120 – Particulars of claim (mortgaged residential premises)

N92 – Application for an administration order

N270 – Administration order guidance notes

Insolvency forms

Form 6.1 – Statutory demand

Form 6.2 – Statutory demand (after judgment)


Form 6.4 – Application to set aside a statutory demand

Form 6.5 – Affadavit to accompany form 6.4

Other forms


Prescription pre-payment certificate

  • Scott

    Do you send out form RX1 by post?

    • Hi Scott,

      It would depend on the reason for using the form. If it’s part of an IVA application then I’d suggest speaking to your nominee or supervisor.

      Hope this helps.


  • Emma Parker

    please help i’ve been advised by cab to writ a letter to the court explaining my circumstance and why I missed payments on my fine and that I wish to resume payments to get bailiffs off my back but promlem is im dyslexic and dont know where to start