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Know your rights: June’s debt news

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What a month we’ve had in the world of debt news! It’s been a pretty hectic few weeks, from warnings about identity theft and changes to our credit files, to debt management companies closing down and Wonga launching its new look.

If you’ve not had chance to keep up with it all, don’t fear! This bumper debt news post will get you right up to date.

What are you waiting for?! Grab a cuppa, stick your feet up, and have a read…

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Are you being mindful with your money?

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For this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week, we’re re-launching Debt in Mind, our page dedicated to the link between debt and mental health, as well as information on how to deal with both. This year, our friends at Mental Health Foundation (MHF) will be talking about mindfulness and the various benefits it can have on a person’s life. Visit the re-launched Debt in Mind section from mid-May.

You may have heard about mindfulness. Perhaps you think it means sitting cross-legged on the floor and meditating. Maybe you think it means to simply concentrate on your breathing.

You may have even heard that it means to focus on your bodily sensations. Mindfulness is all of those things, and so much more.

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Sweet dreams: 5 ways you can sleep better

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You may have read about our Need to Sleep campaign, which highlights the fact that 7.4 million people across the UK have trouble sleeping at night because of money worries. As well as affecting your sleep, it can impact on your relationships, your job, and your health, including your mental health.

34% of people who can’t sleep because of money worries say it makes them feel lonely, and 39% say it makes them feel helpless.

We asked Joanna Carson from the Mental Health Foundation to give us an insight into how sleep problems can affect mental health, and what you can do to get a better night’s sleep. Over to you, Joanna!

distressed woman in bedroom

How does lack of sleep affect mental health?

When I talk to people about the ways they can look after their mental health, sleep is by far the most popular topic.  While most of us don’t get enough sleep, we still see it as one of the important factors to a happier life.

Sleep isn’t just “time out” from our daily routines; a good night’s sleep helps our bodies and minds to rest, repair and re-energise.

Sleep is something everyone needs and it’s essential for both our physical and mental health – so why aren’t we sleeping better?

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Infographic: the impact of money worries

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Need to Sleep campaign house

How do money worries affect other aspects of life?

As part of our Need to Sleep campaign, you may have heard that 7.4 million people across the UK have problems sleeping because of money worries. But what exactly are people losing sleep over, and what effect does it have on their everyday lives?

Worrying about money causes untold distress that goes beyond finances. It affects our relationships with our friends, family and partners. It also affects our performance at work, our sense of stability for the future, and our happiness today. We’ve put together the infographic (below) to show you just how far the impact of money worries is felt across all aspects of people’s lives.

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How to talk about money with your partner

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Talk about cash without the conflict

Talk about cash without the conflict

Our Need to Sleep campaign highlighted that 7.4 million people across the UK have trouble sleeping at night because of money worries. As well as affecting your sleep, it can impact on your health, job, and relationships. In fact, almost 30% go on to say that worrying about their financial situation affects their relationship with their partner or spouse.

That’s why we’ve invited Anjula Mutanda, ambassador for the relationships charity Relate, to give us her top tips to talk about cash without causing conflict. Take it away, Anjula! Continue reading »


9 thrifty tips for your next job interview

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Our blogger pal Penny Golightly has learned many a useful tip while living well for less. Today she wants to share some advice on how to handle the dreaded job interview. Over to you, Penny!

First impressions are everything!

First impressions are everything

If you have money worries, getting a new job can be a great help.

But how do you smarten up for that all-important interview if you’re on a very tight budget?

In addition to looking at how to get some dapper threads on the cheap, we’ll look at some interview hacks that cost nothing but can prove priceless when landing you that job!

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Our top 10 favourite sleep-saving articles

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Make sure you get the rest you need

Make sure you get the rest you need

Ah, sleep. Is there anything more sublime? The importance of sleep goes way beyond keeping under-eye circles at bay. It also plays a key part in a healthy lifestyle, and can benefit your heart, weight, mind, and more.

It’s a shame, then, that 7.4 million of us are having trouble sleeping due to money worries. Reading Paul’s Need to Sleep story and hearing various tales from our clients made me want to shake things up with this month’s top ten.

Instead of money-saving, let’s see what sleep-gems are out there on t’Internet!

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