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101 ways to save money

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Just like any adventure, committing to living frugally can come with its pitfalls. When it comes to budgeting and taking care of debts, sometimes it’s not so much about making more money as it is about saving the money you already have.

The tricky part is knowing where to start! What savings can we make right now that could make a lasting difference?

Turns out it might be easier than you think!

Here are 101 hacks to save you pennies in six categories, compiled from various sources around the web including the Money Advice Service. If you’re looking for a way to keep the pounds in your pockets, this is a good place to start!

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5 MoneySavingExpert.com challenges that could change your spending habits for good

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Goals resolutions list

Could an MSE challenge help you reach your money goals?

Living on a budget isn’t easy at the best of times, and sticking to a strict budget can sometimes feel like a slog.

This is something we hear from clients, which is why we offer as much motivation and support as we can along the way. But sometimes all you really need is to speak to someone in the same boat.

The MoneySavingExpert.com (MSE) forum is one of the biggest online communities of money-saving movers and shakers. As well as hundreds of forum threads discussing everything from freebies to consumer rights, there are loads of money-saving challenges to get involved in.

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10 ways to live for free

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Jasmine Birtles of Moneymagpie.com knows all about thrifty living and money saving.
Today, in the first of three blogposts, she shares with us ten ways to live for free… We’re all ears!

man outside with arms in air

Live for free!

Just because you’re in debt it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a thrifty treat here and there. In fact it’s important to treat yourself every now and then to keep you going as you work off your debt!

The right treats don’t have to cost you a bean either. If you know where to look there are all sorts of freebies on offer all around you.

Here are just a few of the freebies you could be enjoying today and there are links to more elsewhere. Try them out!

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8 frugal but delicious soup recipes

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Cheap and tasty winter warmers

As it’s getting colder and the nights are drawing in, one of the perks is snuggling up in your PJs with a hot bowl of soup. It’s even better when you’re watching a trashy show on telly at the same time, but enough about my Saturday nights.  

As well as being good for you, soups are cheap and incredibly easy to make. You can actually get some pretty decent flavours from not that many ingredients.

All you need to get started is some stock cubes and some salt and pepper. A hand blender can come in handy too, which you can pick up quite cheaply in big supermarkets. Mine cost me just under £5 and does the job just as well as some of the more expensive models!

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Scam alert! Have you had an email notice to appear in court?

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Woman worried about spam email

Have you received a worrying email?

Spam emails containing viruses aren’t a new invention – they’ve been used by criminals online since the dawn of time. Well, since the dawn of the internet at least.

Although there’s more technology to help us spot spam emails these days, unfortunately they continue to wreak havoc in people’s lives. As well as causing fear and playing with emotions, they wreck computers and drain bank accounts.

Luckily, this isn’t something clients tell us they experience often. But when they do, we want to make sure you’re aware too.

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How to talk about money with your partner

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Talk about cash without the conflict

Talk about cash without the conflict

Our Need to Sleep campaign highlighted that 7.4 million people across the UK have trouble sleeping at night because of money worries. As well as affecting your sleep, it can impact on your health, job, and relationships. In fact, almost 30% go on to say that worrying about their financial situation affects their relationship with their partner or spouse.

That’s why we’ve invited Anjula Mutanda, ambassador for the relationships charity Relate, to give us her top tips to talk about cash without causing conflict. Take it away, Anjula! Continue reading »


8 ways to save money in your extra hour

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Save money with your extra hour

Save money with your extra hour!

So the clocks are going back this weekend. Cue obligatory panic about whether that means we’ll get an hour less in bed or not! Thankfully, this Sunday you’ll have a whole extra hour in your day. Or your Saturday night, if you’re the energetic type.

Rather than getting 60 minutes more sleep, here are eight ways you could use your extra hour to boost your bank balance this weekend!

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