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Been cold-called by a High Court Enforcement Officer? It could be a scam!

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We’ve all heard of scams from the news or current affairs programmes, and some of us have either been victims of scams or know someone who’s fallen afoul of them. It seems  there’s always someone out there trying to take advantage of us.

We recently received reports from clients who’ve been contacted by a company claiming to be High Court enforcement Officers (HCEOs) collecting a debt. If these kinds of calls aren’t alarming enough, we have reason to believe that they may be the actions of scammers.

The last thing we want to see is you being taken advantage of. While we can’t stop scammers or their dirty work, we can make you aware of some of the danger signs to look out for…

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July’s money and debt news

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It’s been over a month since the Brexit vote, and we’ve been busy looking at how it could affect your finances if you’re in debt

July has also seen increases to the cost of bankruptcy  in England and Wales, Universal Credit being pushed back, and the release of our latest report, looking into which organisations are the most unfair when dealing with people with debt problems.

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“If I didn’t pay then the bailiffs would be sent”: Faye and Nick’s story

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Contrary to popular belief, most people don’t get into debt because they overspend or live beyond their means.

According to our recently released Statistics Yearbook 2014, the biggest cause of problem debt among our clients is unemployment. Just under a quarter of clients tell us it as the main reason for their debt, with a further 12.8% saying they got into debt after experiencing a drop in income.

These income shocks could happen to anyone. In May 2014, it happened to Nick and Faye* from Birmingham.

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Our 10 most read blogposts of 2014

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firework display in sky

Happy New Year!

We can’t believe it’s 2015 already; doesn’t time fly? A little too fast if you ask me. Actually, very suspicious, but we won’t get into that now.

It’s been a hectic year for us with our busiest days ever on the blog, not that we’re complaining of course. We love the attention!

It also means we’re proving useful to people and that’s always our aim. After all, the MoneyAware team are dedicated to bringing you the best budgeting tips, advice and debt news, and we’ve been doing so for over four years now.

It’s become a tradition for us to reflect on the past year and have a look at what you, our readers, thought were our most popular posts. The first week of 2015 seemed like the ideal time to do it, so let the countdown begin!

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Bailiffs get a makeover: what’s going to happen?

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Bailiff changes

Bailiffs are changing

Bailiffs have been part of debt law in England and Wales for over a thousand years.  In fact the oldest law that’s still on the books in England, the 1267 Statute of Marlborough, concerns stopping bailiffs taking too much property.

Of course a lot has changed over the centuries and bailiff law has grown into a complicated subject. Now for the first time, the government have revised all of this legislation, and starting from April 6th bailiff law in England and Wales enters the 21st Century.

(Nothing’s changing if you live in Scotland or Northern Ireland though. The laws there are nowhere near as convoluted as bailiff law in England and Wales!)

If you’re worried, we can provide expert bailiff advice. Here are a few of the questions we get asked about this much-maligned profession, and what the changes in April will mean to you.

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Bailiffs: ten things you need to know

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Update: since this article was written there’s been a major change in bailiff law.

When you’ve got debt problems you live in fear of a visit from a bailiff (sometimes referred to as “enforcement agents”). But there is no need to be worried. 

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Know your rights – January debt news

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January debt news

January debt news

Welcome to January’s debt news – the first of 2013! We think you’ll agree it was a long, long month.

As usual we’ve put together all the latest debt news into one easy to digest blogpost. So, without further ado….

In early January it was reported that 17% of British consumers started 2013 still paying debts from Christmas 2011. The uSwitch survey also found that seven percent of those people questioned couldn’t imagine ever paying off the debt. Continue reading »