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How will upcoming benefits changes affect my DMP?

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UPDATE: This article was published in July 2015. Make sure you’re up to date with the 2016 benefit changes and how they may affect you.

The July Budget revealed plans to reduce welfare benefits by £12bn. There are two questions that are likely to be on your mind if you’re on a debt management plan (DMP). Firstly: what benefits are going to be affected? Secondly: how will these changes impact my finances and my DMP?

We’ve summarised the biggest changes, when they’re going to happen and who’s likely to be affected by them. We’ve then covered some likely questions that might crop up if you’re on a DMP.

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How to renew your Tax credits

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People across the UK will soon receive forms to apply for or renew their tax credits. If you already claim Tax credits but your renewal form hasn’t arrived, don’t panic! You should get the form by the end of June.

If you do need to talk anything over with the Tax credit office once you do get your paperwork, keep in mind that the lines are very busy at the moment so you might need to wait a little while to get through. This is likely to be the case right up to the deadline on 31 July.

Renewing Tax credits might seem a bit tricky, but it can be pretty straightforward if you know what information you need to provide.

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Know your rights: June’s debt news

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What a month we’ve had in the world of debt news! It’s been a pretty hectic few weeks, from warnings about identity theft and changes to our credit files, to debt management companies closing down and Wonga launching its new look.

If you’ve not had chance to keep up with it all, don’t fear! This bumper debt news post will get you right up to date.

What are you waiting for?! Grab a cuppa, stick your feet up, and have a read…

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How to save money on your water bill with WaterSure

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giant tap in sky illustration

Could you save money on your water bill?

I remember learning about the water cycle at school and drawing big fluffy clouds and rivers in my exercise book and writing long words next to them that meant very little to me at the time.

To be honest evaporation, condensation and precipitation still mean very little to me, but having clean water running out of my tap means quite a lot. But I must have missed the part of the lesson where they said we had to pay for that last bit.

A lot of people try to cut back on the amount of water they use either because they’re concerned about the environmental impact or want to save money. We’ve written about some of the ways you can save money by using less water before, but if you’re struggling to pay your water bill, what can water companies do to help?

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Our 10 most read blogposts of 2014

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firework display in sky

Happy New Year!

We can’t believe it’s 2015 already; doesn’t time fly? A little too fast if you ask me. Actually, very suspicious, but we won’t get into that now.

It’s been a hectic year for us with our busiest days ever on the blog, not that we’re complaining of course. We love the attention!

It also means we’re proving useful to people and that’s always our aim. After all, the MoneyAware team are dedicated to bringing you the best budgeting tips, advice and debt news, and we’ve been doing so for over four years now.

It’s become a tradition for us to reflect on the past year and have a look at what you, our readers, thought were our most popular posts. The first week of 2015 seemed like the ideal time to do it, so let the countdown begin!

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Child benefit – what are you entitled to? [infographic]

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If you’re an expectant parent, it’s important to know what benefits are available during maternity and paternity leave, and beyond. After all, maximising your income really helps even when you feel you’re OK.

There’s lots of help and support available from the Government that’s specifically designed to help parents and families during this important time in your life.

To help make it clear what benefits are available to you, the Money Advice Service has created this really helpful infographic designed to show each benefit the Government provides, if you’re eligible, and how you can apply.

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Know your rights – September’s debt news

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Know your rights - September's debt news

Roll up, roll up for September’s debt news!

Well, it looks like autumn is upon us. This is one of my favourite times of year…the leaves are changing colour, the evenings are drawing in, kids are playing conkers (or is there an app for that now?!) and everyone’s getting rugged up in their winter woollies.

So grab a cuppa, settle in under the blanket, and have a read of what’s been happening this month in the world of debt news.

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